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As a trained goldsmith and with a diploma as a product designer I run my own small graphic design agency in the far North of Germany for more than 19 years now. In 2011 I started to combine my skills in returning to jewellery by working with polymer and silver.

I am attracted by simple, clean shapes and tiny structures I find in nature or even in cities. The play of light and shadow frequently leads to my design. Being a very curious person I love to challenge myself and the material I work with. I understand jewellery as a form of communication and I try to achieve interactions between wearer and observer by creating tactile and sometimes surprising pieces.
In 2014 I won IPCA-Awards in the categories “Best in Jewelry” and “Members Favorite” with my flexible bangle “City skies“ and I started teaching in 2015.

Awards and Publications


2014 – “IPCA-Award 2014″ – “Best in Jewelry” and “Members Favorite”

2012 – “polymer clay design contest – creativeworld 2012″ – 1st place



2016 – “Polymer Journeys – the Art & Craft of Polymer“ – Sage Bray

2014 – “The Polymer Arts Magazine“, fall edition – page 29 and 36

2014 – “The Polymer Arts Magazine”, spring edition – Mentor Artist

2013 – “Polymer Clay Global Perspectives” – Cynthia Tinapple


Hollow beads and tiny structures

In this class you will learn how to build irregular hollow beads in no time and decorate them with different tiny individual structures. We will explore further options for shapes and structures, too.

This class was first taught at the Polyart Retreat in the Cotswolds in 2015, organised by Alison Gallant and Rebecca Thickbroom. It is a full-day workshop for advanced beginners.

The wave – a minimalistic bangle

In this class you will learn how to build a three part wave bangle. I will demonstrate how to create consistent folds out of polymer sheets. Tips on curing will be followed by easy and quick finishing techniques. Finally we will interlock these three elements to create the flexible bangle. Concluding we will have a further look at possibilities to incorporate this wave technique into new jewellery designs.
This is a full-day workshop for advanced beginners. It was first taught at EuroSynergy 2016 in Bordeaux.

Euro Clay Carnival 2017

This is a half-day workshop for advanced beginners. It was first taught at the Euro Clay Carnival 2017 in Bad Homburg, Germany.


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